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Der boshafte Professor Fate und Herzensbrecher Leslie sind sich nicht grün. Zu Lande, zu Wasser und in der Luft tragen sie halsbrecherische Duelle aus. Dem verschlagenen Professor - schwarze Seele, schwarzes Gewand - ist jedes Mittel recht. Einmal. Das große Rennen rund um die Welt (Originaltitel: The Great Race) ist eine US-​amerikanische Abenteuerkomödie aus dem Jahr mit Tony Curtis und Jack. - Kaufen Sie The Great Race günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Der Film Das große Rennen rund um die Welt ist eine Slapstick Komödie aus dem Jahre mit Tony Curtis und Jack Lemmon in den Hauptrollen. I absolutely LOVE this 3 CD set of music from THE GREAT RACE. Some of Henry Mancini's most fun music. The first two CD's contain the entire soundtrack to.

The Great Race

I absolutely LOVE this 3 CD set of music from THE GREAT RACE. Some of Henry Mancini's most fun music. The first two CD's contain the entire soundtrack to. - Kaufen Sie The Great Race günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. , USA, min., Blake Edwards. En , à New York, deux casse-cou professionnels et rivaux s'engagent dans la première course. automobile New York. , USA, min., Blake Edwards. En , à New York, deux casse-cou professionnels et rivaux s'engagent dans la première course. automobile New York. 2,58 mln ocen. Pobierz. Natalie Wood, Klasyczna Era Hollywood, Hollywood Glamour, Pin Up, Modelki, Piękne. Zapisano z ”made a most amazing report of New York.“ Grant an Frederick A. Woods: Review von The Passing of the Great Race, von Madison Grant, Science Ebenso erwähnt wird die jahrelange Korrespondenz von Laughlin mit Madison Grant, Autor von The Passing of the great race () und die Verflechtungen. It ended the Great War with the greatest of all the armies, the greatest of all the navies, And we never could have bred the greatest race of seamen unless we​. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Blake Edwards. Martin Jurow Warner Bros. Bereits kurz nach Rennbeginn sorgen Fate Urlaubspiraen Max mit ihren Manipulationen dafür, dass neben ihrem nur noch die Wagen von Leslie und Miss Die Yottas übrig bleiben. You've read the top international reviews. I use to watch this movie ever time it came on TV, Laura Wontorra so nice to listen to the film score and enjoy the music. Limited to. Currently unavailable. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? Ein anderer meiner Lieblingssongs, "Sweetheart Tree", ist nur als Orchesterversion mit Chor enthalten. Leslie, der die Nase vorn hat, rauben die ständigen Kabbeleien mit Maggie den click Nerv. See all 9 formats and editions Hide other formats editions Price. Arthur Ross. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. Citadel Press. Archived from the original on Adventure Family Sci-Fi. AUTO 30 - Race against the just click for source. A splurch in the kisser: the movies of Blake Edwards. 4kay Movie model includes a prop "cannon" and a working smoke generator. Enjoy, and don't take it too seriously. The Great Leslie Natalie Wood If Monaco is called off, then there is a major problem… But how did it happen? The song plays on along the film as the main theme without chorus except in the Np Werbung acte and it was performed onscreen by Natalie Wood with the voice dubbed by Jackie Ward uncredited.

They were eventually wiped out by a race of extraterrestrial beings known as the flying polyps , but they survived by projecting their minds en masse into an insectoid race that will one day inherit the Earth after mankind.

The shape of the original forms the Great Race took on Yith are unknown; after migrating to Earth, they housed themselves in a species native to the planet.

These beings resembled large cones, with a muscular foot for locomotion and four extensible arms or tentacles projecting from the apex.

Two of these arms ended in claws or pincers, the third terminated in four clustered trumpet-like organs, and the fourth was topped with a spherical yellow "head" with three dark eyes, four stalked flower-like hearing organs on top, and a number of green tentacles dangling beneath.

Their blood is dark green and very thick. The Great Race spoke using their pincers to produce a series of clicks and scraping sounds, and probably also with some form of telepathy, and wrote using their head tentacles.

They ate and drank using their red, trumpet like organ. The food was. The Great Race shared only two senses with the human: Hearing and Seeing.

They also possess other senses, however they weren't accessable to other species that switched their bodies with a Yithian.

The Great Race was sexless and they reproduced via seed that were laid in water. However due to their longevity, which could last several thousands of years, reproduction rarely happened.

Yithians have gained a very advanced and evolved mind, one that allowed them to project their minds across time and space. They can take over the minds of other creatures from other time periods and even other planets and universes.

The mind of the creature that was taken over, is then being projected into the body of the Yithian, to the great old race.

Although the difference in personality is usually noticable and the person affected is considered repulsive to everyone at least for humans , the Yithians can easily function in the society they project themselves into.

The Technicolor scene for the pie fight in the royal bakery was filmed over five days. Following this was the throwing of 4, pies, [2] the most pies ever filmed in a pie fight.

Colorful cream pies with fillings such as raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and lemon were used. Edwards told the cast that a pie fight by itself is not funny, so to make it funny they would build tension by having the hero, dressed all in white, fail to get hit with any pies.

He said "The audience will start yearning for him to get it". Shooting was halted while the actors took the weekend off. Over the weekend, the pie residue spoiled all over the scenery.

When the actors returned Monday morning, the set stunk so badly that the building required a thorough cleaning and large fans to blow out the sour air.

The missing pie residue was recreated carefully with more pies, and shooting resumed. At first, the actors had fun with the pie fight assignment, but eventually the process grew wearisome and dangerous.

Wood choked briefly on pie filling which hit her open mouth. Lemmon reported that he got knocked out a few times; he said "a pie hitting you in the face feels like a ton of cement".

The pie fight scene paid homage to the early Mack Sennett practice of using a single thrown pie as comedic punctuation, but to a greater degree, it was a celebration of classic movie pie fights such as Behind the Screen with Charlie Chaplin ; The Battle of the Century starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy ; and In the Sweet Pie and Pie with the Three Stooges.

Though Edwards used 4, pies over five days, many of these were used as set dressing for continuity. Laurel and Hardy used 3, pies in only one day of shooting, so more are seen flying through the air.

Leonard Maltin compared The Great Race pie fight to The Battle of the Century and determined that Laurel and Hardy's pacing was far superior, that the more modern film suffered from an "incomplete understanding of slapstick" while the pie fight remains "one of the great scenes in all of screen comedy.

The Great Race was generally not well-received upon release and was considered a critical and commercial flop, making it the first notable failure for director Edwards.

Most critics attacked its blatant and overdone slapstick humor and its lack of substance. It also suffered from comparisons with another race-themed "epic comedy" of , Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines.

Film critic Richard Schickel wrote that, though the film "bumps along very pleasantly for the most part", Edwards failed at his attempt to recreate the slapstick atmosphere of a Laurel and Hardy comedy.

Henry Mancini spent six weeks composing the score, and the recording involved some 80 musicians. The song plays on along the film as the main theme without chorus except in the entr' acte and it was performed onscreen by Natalie Wood with the voice dubbed by Jackie Ward uncredited.

The full track listing is:. The film was a major influence on Wacky Races , a Hanna-Barbera cartoon series.

Furthermore, film editor and sound-effects man Treg Brown , who worked on many classic Warner Brothers cartoons, worked on this film.

Brown's sound design won the film an Oscar. The villain's catchphrase, "Push the button, Max! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see The Great Race disambiguation.

Theatrical release poster. The Numbers. Retrieved January 22, A splurch in the kisser: the movies of Blake Edwards.

Wesleyan Film. Wesleyan University Press. Archived from the original on 29 November Retrieved 23 December Time, Inc. Retrieved July 7, American Prince: A Memoir.

Random House Digital. Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood. I'm 1st to notice". Retrieved Petersen Automotive Museum. In , Monaco was the destination for a road race from Marseille, and in the same year the Nice-La Turbie hillclimb was held for the first time.

The club elected Alexandre Noghes as its president and he argued that the Principality would really benefit from an international motoring event.

He created the Monte Carlo Rally, an event that started in various cities around Europe with the cars converging on Monte Carlo and the winner decided based on the elegance of his car and the state in which it arrived.

The rally caught the public imagination. Sport began to play an important role in the Principality with the opening of the Monte-Carlo Golf Club in , and two years later the town hosted the Schneider Trophy for seaplanes.

Monaco launched plans to attract summer visitors and a new road was laid out around the bay to the north of the casino and the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, where several other hotels had opened.

There was only one way around that problem… and the younger Noghes proposed it. A Grand Prix on the streets. Noghes was persuasive, however, and talked the casino into underwriting the cost of the race.

Some of the major factory teams also turned down the opportunity to compete, but Mercedes sent a huge and powerful white SSK to be driven by its lead driver, Rudolf Caracciola.

The opposition was made up of a lot of privately-entered Bugattis. Other cities began to emulate what the Principality had achieved and almost overnight, Monaco became a key part of Grand Prix racing, with the event gaining notoriety around the world — among spectators and competitors alike.

The war was over and the GIs wanted to go home but they had to stay for a while longer. They competed in Jeeps and GMC trucks.

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Customer reviews. The Great Race. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Der als Erster in Paris angekommene deutsche Oberleutnant Hans Here — dem später allerdings der Sieg aberkannt wurde — veröffentlichte das Buch Im Automobil um die Weltin dem er diese abenteuerliche Wettfahrt in seinem Wagen der Marke Protos beschreibt. Limited to. Ein anderer meiner Lieblingssongs, "Sweetheart Tree", ist think, Amazon Primw not als Orchesterversion mit Chor enthalten. Translate review to English. Thank please click for source for your feedback. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Blake Edwards. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Push the button, Max. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. As advertised.

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The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. This is my husband's favorite movie, so we were very pleased to find the record. Some of Henry Mancini's most fun music. The Great Race

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However, to return to their original time and body, they need to build a machine, that's described as construct of metalic poles and glasstubes.

The Yithians lived in a society that was described as being similar to a fascistic socialism, in the sense that all vital ressources were evenly distributed between the individuals.

Their leaders were a group, that was voted into power by people who passed certain tests that qualified them to vote. Crimes were hardly ever commited, however, they were still effectively punished through a variety of means.

The Yithian either had some priviliedges removed, was incarcerated, was excecuted, or was dealt a severe emotional trauma.

The punishment was not dealt until the reason why the crime was commited was clearly understood. Yithians built several countries and also inhabited some buildings that were already present from the flying polyps.

The countries were rarely ever at war, if anything, civil wars occasionally happened. In spite of the fact that they barely had to fight, they had a very strong military that used weapons that could create devastating electrical charges.

The military always had soldiers guarding the ruins and trapdoors where the Yithians trapped the flying polyps. A large part of their culture was the amassing of knowledge throughout the times.

When a Yithian swapped his mind with that of another creature, it will do it's best to learn as much about the society and scientific progress of the time period.

Meanwhile, the mind of the creature that was taken over by the Yithian was throughroughly interrogated by specifically trained individuals.

Often times, they could speak the language of the people they interrogated and if not, they would use machines that could recreate the language.

If a Yithian could not return to its original body because it was dying, the minds remained swapped and the mind in the Yithian was treated with extreme kindness.

Yithians had a traumatic relationship with the flying polyps, due to them commited unnammed but atrocious acts against the Yithians.

Professional daredevil and white-suited hero, The Great Leslie, convinces turn-of-the-century auto makers that a race from New York to Paris westward across America, the Bering Straight and Russia will help to promote automobile sales.

Leslie's arch-rival, the mustached and black-attired Professor Fate vows to beat Leslie to the finish line in a car of Fate's own invention.

Now I've read most of the comments on this film and while I might agree with some of the more specific comments regarding the looser and less plausible plot in the last third of the film and that Natalie Wood might have been more of a contribution and less of a distraction, these are moot points.

The film is funny, enjoyable and a great tribute to the heyday of silent villains and heroes in a way that doesn't overdo it.

But as much as I like the main movie, my fave bits are the early scenes in which Professor Fate, always in black and macabre emblems, tries to outdo the stunts of the gleaming white, perfect and popular Great Lesile Gallant III.

The stunts are fun, witty and totally unbelieveable. The plane pickup, the rocket train, the garishly painted torpedo with a mawkishly wonderful gramaphone speaker on top are priceless Victorian images of a time that we all imagine existed but never really did.

That car is a masterpiece of mechanical and artistic design. I wonder where it is now. What I've never understood is why I never heard more of Lemmon's comments on this film.

It had to be fun to make and work with Curtis, but the role of Fate is so underrated. You never see it mentioned in Biography or any anthologies of Lemmon's work.

Or when Max breaks off the moustache in the freezing storm, and all you see is Fate's astonished look of shock followed by a sideways glare that could cut glass.

The last part of the film, the entire Prince Hapnik and Potsdorf sequences are less than helpful, and they really aren't needed, despite a record pie fight, but it does serve to give Lemmon another role, diametrically different from Fate.

Again he uses his eyes and his voice to great effect. With perfect timing. I mean it. Try it some time and you'll never match that unique panache which Lemmon displayed.

All in all, a wonderful and fun film. No deep message, just good turn-of-the-century atmosphere, great gags and lively dialogue. Enjoy, and don't take it too seriously.

Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.

Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.

External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. In the early 20th century, two rivals, the heroic Leslie and the despicable Professor Fate, engage in an epic automobile race from New York to Paris.

Director: Blake Edwards. Writers: Arthur A. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Mishaps, including a polar bear in Fate's car, compel all four racers to warm themselves in Leslie's car.

They awaken on a small ice floe which drifts into their intended Russian port, where Hezekiah is waiting for Leslie, who in turn casts off Maggie for deceiving him.

Maggie is snatched by Fate, who drives off in the lead. After driving across Asia , both cars enter the tiny kingdom of Carpania, whose alcoholic and foppish Crown Prince Friedrich Hapnick is the spitting image of Professor Fate.

Max escapes and joins Leslie to rescue the others. Fate is forced to masquerade as the Prince during the coronation so that the rebels can gain control of the kingdom.

Following a climactic sword fight with Leslie, Von Stuppe attempts escape by leaping to a waiting boat, but bursts the hull and sinks it.

Leslie and Max return the real Prince to the capital in time to defeat Kuhster's plan for a military coup.

Fate, still masquerading as Prince Hapnick, takes refuge in a bakery but falls into a huge cake. A pie fight ensues involving the racers, the Prince's men and the conspirators.

The five racers, covered in pie filling, depart Carpania with King Friedrich's best wishes. As the racers leave Pottsdorf with Maggie now back in Leslie's car , it becomes a straight road race to Paris.

Nearing Paris, Leslie and Maggie have a spirited argument regarding the roles of men, women and sex in relationships. Leslie stops his car just short of the finish line under the Eiffel Tower to prove that he loves Maggie more than he cares about winning the race.

Fate drives past to claim the winner's mantle, but becomes indignant that Leslie let him win.

Fate demands a rematch: a race back to New York. The return race commences, with newlyweds Leslie and Maggie now a team. Fate lets them start first, then attempts to destroy their car with a small cannon.

The shot misses the Leslie Special, instead knocking down the Eiffel Tower. On February 12, , the "Greatest Auto Race" began with six entrants, starting in New York City and racing westward across three continents.

The destination was Paris, making it the first around-the-world automobile race. Only the approximate race route and the general time period were borrowed by Edwards in his effort to make "the funniest comedy ever".

Edwards, a studious admirer of silent film , dedicated the film to film comedians Laurel and Hardy. The unintended consequences of Professor Fate's order, "Push the button, Max!

Edwards poked fun at later films and literature as well. The saloon brawl scene was a parody of the western film genre, and a plot detour launched during the final third of the film was a direct parody of the novel, The Prisoner of Zenda , and of the film version of the story , wherein a traveler is a lookalike for the king and stands in for him.

Mirisch Productions initially financed the film for United Artists. The film's escalating costs led UA to drop the film, but the project was picked up by Warners.

Edwards wanted Robert Wagner to play the leading man, but studio executive Jack L. Warner insisted on Tony Curtis, possibly because of Wood's recent divorce from Wagner.

Burt Lancaster was announced at one stage. Wood was unhappy with her career and her personal life, having been divorced from Robert Wagner in April Warner asked Curtis if he would give a percentage of his film royalties to Wood as an enticement, but Curtis refused.

He said "I couldn't give her anything to make her want to do the movie. Shooting began on June 15, Edwards, sometimes with Wood in tow, repeatedly visited Warner in his office to ask for more money.

Warner approved nearly all of the requests. When it was released, it was the most expensive comedy ever filmed. Shooting ended in November During the five months of filming, Wood's unhappiness was not visible to the cast and crew, and her characterization of Maggie DuBois was playful.

Her sister Lana Wood thought that Wood looked the prettiest she ever had, but Lana sensed that the film "was physically taxing" for Wood.

Groggy from the drugs, she called her friend Mart Crowley who took her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Music for the film was by Henry Mancini , and the costumes were designed by Edith Head. Unique slideshow-style title design was by Ken Mundie.

Another of the four appears painted dark green in the Warner Brothers film The Ballad of Cable Hogue —the grille can be seen bearing the words "Leslie Special", with the wheels and tires remaining their original white color.


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